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NO! I won’t shut up.

I am angry. I am so very angry. I woke up today to an absolute shit storm, and now people are saying, let’s just be quiet. Let’s accept it and move on. Let’s concentrate on what comes next. There is nothing we can do. There really isn’t any point in getting upset about it.

NO! There is a point. I AM ANGRY and I won’t let it go. Today I am ashamed of being British, and of being Welsh. And you know what, I think we NEED to be angry. We were not angry enough about this farce of a referendum before it happened, I damn well am not going to be quiet now.

Reasons I am angry.

1._Old people (specifically baby boomers) fucked us over, and they don’t have to deal with it for as long as we do. 

Yeah. I said it.

Yeah, I know, everyone gets a vote, but when my generation have to live with this shitty decision for another seventy bloody years, I think I am allowed to be angry. So I am going to keep shouting.

UPDATE: I think I angered a lot of the 33% who voted remain, and that was not my intention. This result was also down to education and poverty, but there IS a difference in age and votes. Nobody’s saying ALL baby boomers voted that way…but people still have the right to be angry about the 58%.

UPDATE 2: People are managing to pull these amazing percentages out of thin air of young people who haven’t turned up to vote. Thing is, I’ve looked for sources of these percentages, and the only real numbers I can find are from a census…in 2011. It is true that turnout was lower in the referendum in places where more young people live, but that is the only concrete evidence I can find. We cannot go on these 2011 census results, because far more people voted in this referendum than in previous elections.(The infographic above is from one of the most recent polls, but is still, I will be the first to admit, not concrete). But to the people suggesting I am putting all the blame on old people…please! There are nine other points on this post, and as in any election or referendum, I HATE that people are not using their vote. People have DIED to get us a vote. But this does not make my anger towards the trend that a recent poll has pointed towards any less valid.

2. The lies.

This was just the first of the lies the leave campaign have backtracked on today.

Oh wait, that looks like a big red bus, with, yep, £350 million to go to the NHS. Apart from the fact this was total crap from the start and anyone with a braincell could see it (I mean, seeing as the UK does get a lot of that money back, surely most of the £350 million would go to those areas that lost that money?), I am just angry that that turd faced moron had the cheek to sit there and defend it.

Another lie? Daniel Hannan retracts the claim that leaving the EU will reduce immigration. Yeah mate, I coulda told you that. So nope, still not shutting up.

3. The lack of information

Gove said Brexit would mean we wouldn’t have to follow EU regulations costing UK businesses £600 million a week. Third on that list – the Working Time Directive. The directive that means 1.7 million part-time women workers have a right to paid holiday. Either more lies, or we are moving backwards.

And as for Wales voting leave?

Congratulations Wales! You have put your trust in a Tory government who literally don’t give a fuck about you! How much money do you think Westminster will be sending your way? None! Say goodbye to good roads, free prescriptions and a load of jobs! Remember they did nothing when the steelworkers were under threat, they will do nothing when other jobs are under threat. You are idiots.

4. This was a Xenophobic Vote, or an ignorant one

“I don’t want to sound racist, but there’s just too many foreign people coming to this country,” was what one happy Brexiter told The Guardian on Friday.


Ok, so people say their vote was not racist. They based it on economic reasons (as the pound plummets), legal reasons (see point 3). That doesn’t mean that this shit isn’t happening out there today, because people have been told it is ok to act like that. And I am angry – this is not the UK I want to be part of. So I will not shut up.

5. Trump congratulated us on this vote.

Jesus, Britain. You need any more bloody clues on how bad an idea this is?

6. 52% is not a “clear majority.”

7. Our prime minister stepped down, leaving parliament in disarray and no clear plan for the future

“There is no need for a precise timetable today.” Actually fuckwit, yes there is. You knew that this was an option. It was a vote put to the people, a vote that could go one way or another. You should have had a clear timetable for both ways, we should have had a clear plan for the aftermath of this referendum.

8. Scotland might be leaving the UK

And who the hell can blame them?

9. People who voted were not given the facts- and now they regret their vote

“The facts are coming in now and our eyes are actually open,” she explained. “We’re actually seeing what’s happening.” Girl explaining how incredibly naive and gullible she was. But she wasn’t alone. The facts were just not given in this referendum, just jingoism and lies.

Source: (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/24/im-full-of-regret—extraordinary-moment-brexit-voter-changes-he/)

Yah fool! Another reason to stay angry, plus it leads me nicely onto…

10. We should never have had to vote in this referendum. The referendum should never have been a thing.

This became clear when google reported that “what does it mean if we leave the EU” becomes the most popular search…this morning.


I voted remain. And by being angry, I am showing Europe and the world that I do not agree. I do not agree with the racists who voted to get rid of immigrants. I never believed the lies UKIP and Farage and Boris told us.

But mostly, I am going to stay angry because it is my right.

And I will not leave it alone. Because I still care about my country. I can’t just up and leave (even though Canada does look really pretty), it wouldn’t be morally right. I was a part of this. I didn’t speak loud enough before. I may be one of the 48%, but I don’t get to shove this onto someone else. I am responsible.

And so I have to stay, and stay angry, to be sure that moving forward, we make the right decisions.

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